Green level

Training skills can be trained, tested and certified. The CEET program enables technical experts to become effective, well-trained trainers that are able to transfer knowledge and enable your staff to learn new skills fast and effectively.

When technical experts design a learning program, it can be a challenge to keep both the content and process in scope, while staying sensitive to the dynamics of the group.

• Make the transition from one-way sending information, to real learning facilitation

• Include both online and offline learning experiences

• Learn to focus on strongly combining group dynamics with didactic skills  

• Learn how to instruct, encourage educational conversations and use case studies

• Understand a learning journey and learner engagement

Why certify your technical trainers?

In your highly technical environment, the ability to transfer knowledge and learn new skills is essential for your business success and competitive edge.

• Certified trainers add value and consistency to the quality of your products and services

• Complex technical knowledge needs strict explanation and expert training

• Compliance demands ask of your industry to ensure safety and replicability

• The speed of learning dictate requirements at the same level in all countries/location.

What does a CEET green program look like?

• Blended learning program – 100% virtual is also possible

• Dutch and English language

• Innovative setup with didactic techniques, lots of interaction and theory where it adds value

• Participants do a pre-assignment  

• 4 days training

• 1 day examination

• Participants do a post-assignment