Yellow level

Mentoring skills can be trained, tested and certified. The CEET yellow program is for mentors and instructors who need to supervise (new) employees, so they can quickly be deployed independently and master their work professionally. It supports improved knowledge transfer, also meaning employees become more productive in less time.

Being a mentor is challenging. They often have built up a wealth of knowledge and information over many years of experience and tend to just advice their colleagues. But mentoring is more than just providing solutions. It requires a unique set of skills, in order to:

• Coach employees, pupils and trainees in the workplace, helping them to discover their own development needs 

• Encourage and challenge employees, while only occasionally clarifying;

• Enable mentees to become effective problem solvers

• Know how to give good instruction or constructive feedback.

• Have the ability to inspire mentees

Why certifying mentors?

In your highly technical environment, the ability to transfer knowledge and learn new skills is essential for your business success and competitive edge.

• Certified mentors add value and consistency to the quality of your company, products and services

• Complex technical environments need careful and effective knowledge transfer  

• Compliance demands ask of your industry to ensure colleagues are being supervised professionally  

• The speed of learning dictates requirements at the same level in all countries and locations

What does a CEET yellow program look like:

• The training is intended for internal supervisors or mentors who need to help others in their task-oriented and personal development

• Blended training scenario; live and virtual editions

• No specific prerequisites for enrolling this mentor training course

• 3 consecutive intensive training days 

• Lots of personal attention through working in small groups

• Practical exam included: the participants record a mentoring conversation which will be assessed shortly after the training program